Komla Dumor
The Impacts Of Education On Our Career Development

komla-dumor_1As we continue to mourn our beloved and illustrious son we need to be licking various lessons. As a young man who hopes to see significant change in our leadership style within the continent, I would like all the youth to pick some cues from the achievements of Komla Dumor. We all know that he never attended any Journalism School but was able to reach such height in the media fraternity, not only in the continent but also the world at large. This morning I listened to panels on Joy FM paying tributes to Komla and one thing that caught my attention was statement by TAF. Tommy Annan-forson, was one of the journalists I respected very much since I started listening to radio. I remember how we use to discuss some issues he talked about on his programs at school and we all admonished his intelligence. So when he said categorically on the show that he never went to school and that all he done and still doing as a journalist was by his own studies, I said wow
?and was thinking whether we have got it all wrong on our education policies.

When I look back at our educational system which used to be what my father called sign seven to the A level system and now the JHS and SHS system I can only say one thing. There is complete negative correlation between the policies and the standards in our education. As new policies are introduced with the aim of improving the standards in our education, its effects have rather been very negative on the quality of products we churn out from our schools. Our fathers/mothers and grandfathers/grandmothers who completed the sign seven those time could speak very good English without blemish. During our times we had middle school leavers who can speak good English but was not as good as the olden day?s products. Today we even have University graduates who cannot speak good English and express themselves clearly when communicating.

Many of us never realized our potential until we reach our mid-ages and sometimes very late to use our God given talents to help our country to grow. Last time I as all my friends to do a SWAT analysis of themselves in order to identify who exactly we are. I think our educational system as it is now is not bringing out of us what we are capable of doing and train us to do it best. What we have currently is just a one way learning of books that might not even be relevant to our personal career developments. We keep doing that all the way to the university level and still we have no single skill to do anything for our societies. Students came out of the Universities with first class in Marketing but cannot convince a Brit to buy fufu powder and accounting students from the university with first classes cannot even prepare bank reconciliation statement for an organization. Engineering graduates from KNUST cannot use the waste generated by their secondary
schools to produce gas for use at the pantry to reduce cost of feeding those student. Student in our schools and universities are ready to go all out just to get

the marks for the subjects they are reading but would not read relevant books of their courses. Whiles some, especially the ladies, are ready to even offer their bodies others are ready to pay any amount necessary to get high grades just for a better class of honours. The university authorities know about this but they do nothing to improve the system and I wonder whether they are proud of themselves of their contribution to the development of the country.

When the President, in his interaction with the journalist early this year made reference to the crap of graduates we churn out of our universities and asked the authorities to do something about it, I heard some professor trying to disagree with the president. I thought it was the most honest statement from a president who seriously wants to see changes in our educational system. I think the president meant well and it would be very good if the various school authorities would think of doing things differently to improve the quality of graduates we churn out from our schools and universities. The Ghana education service should start thinking of the best practices that are necessary for us to see our children develop skills that are practicable and stop wasting their times for unnecessary things that bring no development to their career fortunes.

I would seriously suggest that we change our educational system completely to focus more on activity base learning rather than the current text book base learning. Whiles we use the text books as guidance we make the students put into practice the things they learn from the text books. I also hope that the various industry players would collaborate with the university authorities to structure the courses the way they would like it to benefit their productivity. Industry can go to the universities to ask for researches to be conducted by selected student for their consumption.

Finally, there need to be well structured counseling divisions in all our schools from JHS level. Student must be taken through some coaching and counseling to enable them identify their God given talents at early stages so they can get themselves the necessary training to develop those skills for application to the national development. Parents should also try to carefully observe their wards in order to identify their potentials and talk them to appreciate what they can do best and help them develop those skills instead of trying to impose skills on their children.

Ghana will see a tremendous development is we can develop our human resources which would be allied to solve the numerous problems we encounter in our development process. As we celebrate the achievements of our brother, let us reflect and think about how to develop about thousands or even millions of such skillful personalities in all fields of our economy. LONG LIVE GHANA AND LONG LIVE THE ONE SPIRIT OF THE YOUTH OF GHANA.

By Mr. George Ekegey Ekeha/GhanaState.Com/Email:[email protected]

Lecturer, Regent University College of Science & Technology


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