Ndi Isca congratulations ,that you have arrived without departing but all the same Nnooonu ,,,,
Echem na with level of ndi guru akwukwo na ISCA that unu aka ama na catcham putara jide ya,where is my good man Robert Mbama? did he not spot the green snake ? ,before any of you will start ejaculating on Mazi Odera ,just hold the helm of my garment kam gosi unu one or two things ,which you were suppose to spot without my assistance..
Okorocha-roasted-corn (1)
“Most of the questions that members asked, were not answered but he bundled all of them to read them later, in comfort of his hotel suite”+++++++?In a town hall meeting,the people he said he recognised ,the people he sent 2 advance teams to wait for him in pleasure,the people that invited him and he accepted,the people that are better equipped to be governors and minister,s but owing to financial handicaps ,they are disqualified ,,this same people he promised that he will come to their assitance during fund raisers,this same people he said will be his NUMBER ONE DIASPORIAN GROUP ,THEY asked him questions and HE DID NOT ANSWER NOT EVEN ONE .He bundled all of them ? same way he will bundle irritants ?..The reason that none of you saw the GROSS insult was because he promised you Money,he promised you contact,he promised you recogniction ,he promised you same way nwoke si ekwe nwanyi nkwa before they enter Jerusalem but after they come out from Jerusalem nke nwanyi bia zie welu nu ka anyi fu na anya.
The wonderful aspect was that not even one person understood that he insulted ISCA without iota of rethinking by not answering questions thrown at him.He measured ISCA ,he was scared when he was going to the meeting ,that ndi Obodo Oyibo will roast him as corn ,but when he landed and witness the kind of ASS KISSING ,he knew he had them by the balls.
When he promised to build you SKY SCRAPPER ON THE MOON and all of you opened your brown teeth ,sorry some maybe white teeth and smiled and laughed and clapped,he concluded na mmadu anoro na ISCA and that was the good reason he did not answer not one question.
Now to reality ,none of you remembered that there is nothing he will do to you in USA,somebody with little brain and pride would,ve told him that he needs to address some of the questions,if ISCA wanted him to bundle them and go ,they would,ve send him an EMAIL or letter,the reason it is called live meeting is to get instant answers and look the person on the face and see if the answers goes with his facial reaction.
Now you are dancing and jumping that he gave you consent ,while he gave you a middle finger and while he preached APC none of your lilly livered [no apology for the name] dared to ask him ,why should Fashola deport umu igbo ,why did he close Ladipo market ,why did APC kano sponsored bombing of igbo markets and buses ,AND YET you think your convention was a success ?
Read my lips ,you just sold and sealed the faith of ISCA ,this is another ASA USA ending ,wave a bundle of 1 dollar bill and they will dance naked.Gov Rochas handled ISCA like a baby he carried with one hand and roast corn with another without minding or seeking consent of the parents of the Baby,because he knew they will do nothing.


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