Says doctors are responsible for healthcare and related issues

The Chairman of the Imo State Branch of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Bartholomew Okorochukwu has said that the body has no intention to commence on a gender-related strike or protest in the state.

The Gender and Equal Opportunities Law, 2007, which was enacted by the Imo State House of Assembly under former Governor Achike Udenwa, seeks “to eliminate all forms of gender-based discrimination and inequalities in Imo State and other matters connected therewith or incidental there to”.

He added that the NMA had no reasons to act based on the law since it had not been deliberated upon, saying that any member of the association commenting on the issue was doing so on his own volition and had no backing of the association.

“We have not deliberated on the said law. The information peddled was not total. People should get the law and read it up for its full import. I want to state that the association has not mandated anyone to grant interview on the issue on its behalf,” Okorochukwu said.

“The law has not been deliberated upon by the NMA and nobody has the right to speak on behalf of the association, especially on the issue. As doctors, we are responsible to issues that pertain to healthcare or any related matter. We as an association have a constitution that guides us.

“At the appropriate time, decision will be taken on that issue and clarification has to be made by the individual that granted the interview before an action can be taken.”

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