Located at the southeastern part of Ireland is the oldest city in the country, Waterford. Throughout the years, this city has managed to preserve its history, culture, and architectural structures. How? This was made possible because it is an island with fortified walls all around it built by Vikings. It was dubbed as ?the Untaken City? mainly because of those walls.

Now, this city is a very popular tourist destination which is why it comes as no surprise that it is also a preferred hen party destination. A hen party in Waterford can be a lot of fun because this city has more to offer than its history and age old architectural structures. It is also known for three theater companies and the Barrack Street Concert Band. Hens will not be disappointed in having a Waterford hen party because this city has lots of nighttime establishments which are perfect for hen nights.

How to Plan for Your Waterford Trip

Planning for that hen weekend or hen party in Waterford is not that difficult once you know what to expect. You can also make the most out of your stay by knowing certain things. For instance, strolling along the Viking Triangle is a nice way to see those age old structures. At the same time, there are lots of charming restaurants within the area which also makes it the perfect spot to have a meal.

Since the city is surrounded by water, you can expect to enjoy various water sports. Cafes and pubs by the marina can also provide a beautiful view of the water as you take a snack or drink.

One of those venues can even be the perfect venue for your Waterford hen party.

Enjoy Some Hen Party Activities

This city is one of the best places to enjoy certain hen party activities. More adventurous hens can always choose to explore the city?s outskirts in a unique way? by horseback riding or riding a quad bike! Those that would rather have an exhilarating experience driving at really fast speed might prefer to try go karting.

Now, for hens that are not really into those things, there are lots of other alternatives. Naked men painting, pole dancing, burlesque, Bollywood dance, cocktail making lessons, and a lot more can be a lot of fun for some hens. So, start choosing hen party activities to enjoy during your stay in the oldest city in Ireland!

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