Franklin Cudjoe – President, IMANI Ghana

Please let us talk ‘imanimatics.’ Imanimatics is the arithmetical number crunching that is associated with political equalization, one of the latest terms in the motherland’s political discourse.

It is the formula by which think tank Imani Ghana can say with confidence that it is impossible to finance free high school education. In my humble estimation, imanimatics is less about mathematical reality and more about appeasing congress.

The impossible free high school education Imani contention spuriously balances the think tank’s dismissal of congress’ 2008 one-time only premium financing of the national health insurance scheme adjudged an actuarial impossibility; an acquiescence to congress criticism of Imani as biased.

I call it imanimatics because Imani estimates the free high school education cost peaking at GH¢400 million in four years. By golly, the motherland could afford to dole out one-and-a-half times that to service judgment debts!

With proper fiscal and financial management, that amount of money would easily pay for free high school education.

A second source would be the cocoa and gold money. All a smart government needs to do is to invest the surplus from record world prices as a kind of revolving fund to support education.

A third source is the oil money. Just set aside a small percentage of that and presto, all your educational costs will be taken care of. An industrious government can find out how Tunisia’s small oil money funds free education from kindergarten to university.

A think tank is both an advocacy and a pressure institution. It is expected to breathe survival oxygen, growth and flourishing of democracy. Simultaneously, it intellectually nourishes true political parties. And so if congress is a true political party, it would have its own think tank(s) and stop whining about some other think tank not doing its dirty small thinking for it.

CDD, CEPA, IEA, IMANI and ISODEC are all local think tanks. With the exception of the last, the rest have been attacked at various times as NPP by congress. The fact is that their free market liberal/conservative underlining ideology coincides with the NPP ideology. ISODEC is socialist inclined.

The congress social democracy ideology fits nowhere within the spectrum. Unless congresspeople are not interested in thinking, that is thinking big, they would be thinking about a think tank that thinks social democracy.

Regularly, we seem as a people to be using the little thinking we do most of the time developing political vocabulary in the most cynical ways to demonstrate deepened political cynicism. One of the latest in the political lexicon is political equalization. It is one of the newest of the cynical expressions we have developed to describe our democracy.

I want to add my own, imanimatics. As noted already, imanimatics is mathematical calculations that seek to contest statements by the NPP flagbearer as a means of showing how neutral and not NPP think tank Imani is.

 In an apparent attempt to stress its independence from all political parties, Imani seems to have developed a mathematical formula that enables it to challenge Nana Akufo-Addo’s insistence that he would extend FCUBE to cover high school.

In other words, we can expect a free compulsory schooling from kindergarten to grade 12 or 13; the latter if he restores the four-year high school duration launched by the Kufuor administration of which he was an active actor.

Imani says this is not on. Imani says by its own imanimatics, the figures don’t add up. I heard them mention figures that will swell into GH¢400 million.

Must congress the undemocratic square peg by all means fit into the motherland’s round hole democracy when there is the true democratic CPP? The more the fit is forced, the more crooked the motherland’s democracy will be.

Imani should not allow itself to be cowed into fumbling by congress. They should shout out loudly that ideological bias is a natural attribute of a think tank.

Even as we talk imanimatics, another hero has been born in the person of a great-great Amanfo Senior who dared claim a Miilswa benefit of GH¢5 million from the Woyome largesse.

Imani the think tank, I wish to implore you on behalf of the motherland that you rally or the think tanks in the motherland and wherever else to engage the most brilliant lawyers in the motherland and on our globe to retrieve the Woyome money.

Please mobilize and take the money back for the motherland. If you don’t retrieve the money, you should forever keep mum over whether SHS can be free-funded or not. If you don’t help de-woyomize that money, it would mean your main concern with your criticism of the free SHS education was only to politically equalize NDC crybaby indictment that you are biased in favour of the NPP.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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