Will Smith

Will Smith

Superstar actor Will Smith responded to reporters’ questions about his wildly independent children. Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s kids, Willow and Jaden, are allowed the autonomy to raise themselves, in accordance with their Scientology religious beliefs.

The rapper-turned-actor told the Columbus Dispatch he was finding it difficult to adjust to competing with his own children for the spotlight.

It happens all the time now. I’ll be out, and someone will run up and say, ‘Tell Willow I love her video for Whip My Hair,” Smith said.

The 43-year-old big kid bristles at suggestions that his kids are too grown, or that Willow’s dismissive attitude about education will make her socially awkward.

Will says he often discusses the effects of stardom on his youngest children with wife Jada.

Jada and I talk about whether you pull back during the teenage years, he said. I lump the responsibility on them. I give them as much weight as they can hold without breaking.

I’ll keep doing this until they can hold the weight of their lives.

Source : UrbanDaily


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