This week?s eviction list features Blay, Favour, Gifty, Princy. Nothing surprising there- it seems our favourites are safe at least for this week.

As far as Promzy goes her relationship with the king is getting tighter with countless kissing and cuddling. Chichi is closely behind with her diplomatic moves and getting a lot of support from Facebook fans.

It is not surprising that Princy is on the list given the amount of trouble she has caused through the last and this week. The king is not likely to be happy with her and hence: the eviction list.

Princy expressed a lot of surprise at the fact that the Resource Person who came to help the maidens on this week?s task, did not recognize her. Another hint that she may be working very hard for attention and not being very real. Knowing that she is a good actress doesn?t help either.

Blay is somewhat a mysterious character who manages to squeeze through unnoticed ,occasionally surfacing with a few awkward dances here and there. She is best friends with Promzy who she obviously knew very well before they both came to the house.

The two can often be seen sitting close together and engaging in the gossiping ritual. This week though, her head is on the line and one can only wonder how Promzy must be feeling.

Nevertheless she has been elected queen of the week and if I am right we cannot expect anything too dramatic to happen during her reign. It seems the only person who will miss her if she was to leave will be Promzy.

Favour is on the list as well. She has really gone low profile since her involvement in the fight from the previous week. She doesn?t seem to be adding much to the house so far and won?t be missed much. Her position with the king as far as the race goes is not clear but she has said she is in the race to win it. Only time will tell if she can pull a surprise.

Gifty has surprised many by coming this far. While she is a bit of a talking machine with the English she seems to struggle with, she is not adding much to the house besides her usual walking around in tight and skimpy gear.

Source:  MultiTV


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