King Bomaye and some maidens

For King Bomaye, the Grand finale of the I?m love with Bomaye reality show, which is only a week away, is going to be more complicated than just selecting one of the four remaining maidens as his bride.

Without a doubt, he has had the opportunity to experience them thoroughly for the past eleven weeks and has always discussed and shared the strengths and weakness of each of the maidens with his audience.

Alex Biney, as he is known in real life, has nominated some of the maidens for eviction at one point in the show even though he has laughed and danced with them.

He harboured no secrets and due to that his audience knows what he thinks about each of the last four ? Princy, Promzy, Chichi and Favour.

Unfortunately, there are votes involved in this matter and as if that is not enough to take power out of the King?s hands, there is also the issue of the maidens also making a choice.

We know from their conversations that they have all had some experience with at least one man in their lives and perhaps know exactly what they want too.

If Alex has been studying them for three months then perhaps they have also been studying him too. Does he have flaws too that some of the maidens don?t like? One may ask.

Another intriguing question is whether he is just a pretty face or he has values they, the maidens, have come to respect. Is he the perfect guy? In fact the bigger social question is, do men choose women or do women choose men?

Well as it stands, the maidens will get the chance to choose too as they have the choice of accepting Alex?s proposal or walking away with the US$20,000.00 worth of prizes.

Money has a way of making things interesting and also brings out one?s real motives. Perhaps we will see who is really in love with Bomaye and who was in the house for the fame and money.

If I am in love with Bomaye comes with money and fame, then he is the perfect means for any ambitious woman to reach her end.

The question is which one of the four maidens is of this stock? Whiles one may have some answers of their own on this matter; it will be interesting to see how it all pans out on Sunday at 6pm, August 19, 2012, at the Mensvic Grand Hotel, East Legon.

Source : myjoyonline.com


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