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I?m Confident In Mahama?nana Apeasah

The Chief of Adubinso-kese, Nana Apeasah has lauded the effort by the president, John Dramani Mahama in fighting corruption in the country.

mHmNana ?Apeasah who is a government appointee at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. The chief who also doubles as government appointee at KMA contended that he cannot attribute any wrong doing of the president based on the allege economic challenges imbalances because, he (the president) was going through hard times because of the supreme court case which puts his development policies on hold in his first year as president.

Nana Apeasah noted that he is full of hopes and confidence in the president that he will deliver to the fullest in the year 2014 and this can only be done without any lop holes therefore, we need to join hands together with one common destiny irrespective of our political affiliations both the politicians and the general public to pined ideas that will ensure the growth and development of the country. He said, development is for all and we have to bring on board what it takes to support the president and the government to promote socio-economic growth. ?We are the government and must ensure things are done right? he lamented.

He observed that the country?s politics has become money driven and political tribalism in the country which has been the failure of the country growth and this can be a thing of the past when we put behind any negative motive behind and think first of the country well fare. He stated that for the country to stand on it fees and boost on it?s economic strength, we have to do way with partisan politics and took the country interest upon their shoulders to serve the nation wholeheartedly.

Ghana is believed in its laws but they fail to enforce on the laws to operate effectively which could be used as a safeguard in managing the nation. He added that for the laws to work effectively, the public has to abreast with good behavior towards the promoting of good environment in the country in this 21stcentury. When this is done, it will pave way for the government to manage the sanitation problems also applauds the security services for putting up good work done ensuring that the public goes and come back without fear and panic. Added that their hard work can contribute to the good polices lay down by the president of which their working conditions and emoluments as well as provision of logistic to the various departments. He went on to urge the public to put the country well fare before them by way of contributing their quota to national development.

Source?By David Armstrong/The Moment


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