A 34 year-old illegal miner, Romeo Kwasi Awuah, has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in hard labour by a Tarkwa circuit court for escaping from lawful custody.


The convict, who is a resident of Wassa Simpa, in the Tarkwa Nsueam municipality, pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted on his own plea.

Prosecuting, Detective Inspector Clement Amoah said the complainant in the case is General Corporal Moferi Konlan, a police officer stationed at Nsueam.

He explained that on November 11, 2016, Richard Yankey came to report a stealing case against the convict.

According to Inspector Amoah, General Corporal Daniel Akuoko and General Constables Fredrick Acheampong and Edward Laryea were therefore detailed to arrest Awuah for questioning.

Awuah was however arrested and handcuffed, but when the three police officers were escorting him to the Nsueam police station, he managed to escape with the pair of handcuff.

Inspector Amoah said a report was, therefore made against the convict and on January 14, this year an informant and a witness to this case alerted the police that Awuah had return to Wassa Simpa.

The Prosecution said the complaint and two other police officers were asked to arrest the convict again, but in the process he resisted arrest and started struggling with the officers which ended up damaging the pair of handcuff.

Inspector Amoah said he was over powered and arrested to the police station and a complaint was lodged against him.

On the same day, the Prosecutor said two relatives of the convict brought a damaged handcuff to the Nsueam police station.

He said Awuah admitted the offense in his investigation caution statement but pleaded for leniency in the presence of an independent witness.



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