Illegal miner crying
Illegal miner crying
Illegal miner crying
Illegal miner crying

The explosive – throwing galamsey miner, who hurled lighted explosives on a team of AngloGold Ashanti security guides, has pleaded with the Almighty God to restore his severed hand, assuring that he would no longer work as illegal miner in his life again.

Groaning in pain after he has been operated by a team of doctors and nurses at the Komfo Anokye hospital, he told his bedside visitors that he would no longer work as illegal miner even if the Obuasi operation was donated to him.

Alabila Atia is 20 years old and has been working as an illegal miner scrounging daily on AngloGold Ashanti concession in the Obuasi Municipality for the past 4 years.

Atia hails from the Bolgatanga area in the Upper East region but resident at Tutuka, a suburb of Obuasi with his brothers and friends who double also as illegal miners.

Wednesday March 19 was a bad day for Atia, due to mishandling of powerful explosives which severed his right hand. He claims to know the nooks and crevices of the Obuasi underground mine and had with him 30 of his ?comrades? underground when the incident happened.

They have been underground since Sunday, March 16 drilling and blasting illegally at Sansu 3 20L when AGA security patrol team arrived from nowhere. To outsmart the security team, Alabila lighted an explosive and hurled it unto the security team, who managed to take cover somewhere at the level.

The pall of smoke which ensued from the first explosive blurred Atibila?s vision but he went ahead and lighted a second explosive which blew his right hand into irretrievable pieces, whilst his colleagues took to their heels.

He was taken to the Edwin Cade Memorial Hospital in Obuasi for first aid but due to the severity of the injury, he was transferred to the Komfo Anokye Teaching for further medication. Arthur Cade Hospital officials would not comment except to confirm that ?an illegal miner with severe hand injury was given first aid treatment here but has been transferred to Komfo Anokye hospital for further treatment?.

Although most of the illegal miners working underground are always armed with machetes, crowbars and locally – manufactured pistols. AGA officials say ?the illegal miners have changed their approach and are now attacking the mine?s employees in their operations underground.

They have been illegally acquiring explosives, which they use illegally underground to drill and blast and now they are defending their illegal ?turf. with explosives, threatening AGA employees?.

This worsening situation, the company?s employees said, marks a major escalation in the galamsey issue at Obuasi and requires the critical attention of all stakeholders given the ramifications for security in the Obuasi municipality and the country at large.

Illegal miner crying Illegal miner crying IMG_1670 Illegal miner crying Illegal miner crying


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