Northern Nollywood actress?Halimar Abubakar has stunned her fans by her recent comment.

She says there?s a possibility she could turn down $1m to act in a bikini.

Did you get that? Not N1m oooooh, I mean $1m.

On an interview with Channels TV?s??Sunrise??as artiste of the week, the sexy actress was asked what role she would willingly turn down for a $1 Million, the actress responded by saying??for the fact that I?m a responsible woman, and I love and respect my country, and of course my family, I would not take a role that has to do with baring it all?.you know?indecency??

She went ahead to say she will think about wearing a bikini in a movie role for that amount of money.

Kinda hard to believe, since it?s coming from an actress who got her big break in the early 2000s in a unclad scene and modeled almost unclad as a young lady.

Mouth, if i hear that she doesn?t play that role for even 1m Naira!!!


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