Narrate robbery experiences

Narrate robbery experiencesSome residents of Ikorodu, in Lagos on Saturday, called on the State Government to check the increasing crime rate in their community.

Some of the residents said they were being robbed in daylight, particularly at the roundabout in the town.

Babajide Samuel, a student, said that the criminals usually monitored their victims and would seize any opportunity to rob them.

“Recently, I went to the bank to cash a cheque for my school fees and the money I withdrew was to be deposited in another bank, just about 100 metres away,” he said.

“On my way to the next bank, someone bumped into me and I apologised to him because he started abusing me in spite of the fact that he was at fault. As I moved from that point, a woman just said, ‘foolish boy, they just removed your money’. Immediately, I checked my pocket and discovered that my jean was torn and the N52,000 I withdrew was missing.”

Victoria Akinola, a medical practitioner, said she was shocked by the audacity and smartness of the thieves who robbed her.

“I was held in traffic at Benson Bus stop in Ikorodu, suddenly two men tapped the glass of my car and ordered me to wind down. I obeyed them because they had shown me the pistol hidden under their shirts. I was told to cooperate by bringing out the money I just collected from the bank,” she recalled.

“Fortunately, I had some money in the dashboard of my car, which I gave to them and they greeted me, shouting ‘mama rere’ meaning `good woman` so that people around will not suspect them.”

Akinola urged the government to come to the rescue of the residents by sending plain clothe security officials who could unmask the thieves.

Sunday Ayinla, an artisan, said that the thieves took advantage of busy and crowded areas within the town to carry out their activities. 

“My experience was even funny. I had my phone in my pocket with an earpiece plugged in because I was listening to music and it was removed expertly without my awareness,” Ayinla narrated.

“I noticed that the music had stopped and was about checking the reason when I noticed that the phone was missing and just the earpiece was in my ears.”

Kazeem Ajibade, an engineer, suggested that security operatives in Ikorodu should be more vigilant in order to apprehend the robbers.

He urged the state government to create more employment opportunities so as to reduce the crime rate.

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