Inspector General of Police (IGP), Abubakar Mohammed

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Abubakar Mohammed has said he would not run a corrupt police force and will continue to fight it.

He also said apart from the regular warnings issued to the officers
and men of the police force, the force has adopted different
strategies to discourage corruption in the service including setting
officers up to test their ethical morals.

The IG was speaking in reaction to the claims in some quarters that
the dismissal of the police officer caught receiving bribe in Lagos
State was too harsh.

Speaking with journalists at the State House Abuja, after joining
paying the annual Sallah homage to President Goodluck Jonathan on
Thursday, the IG said his tenure as the head of the police force will
not condone such corruption.

 ?You can see that we are IT compliant, we know what is happening on
YouTube, we know what is happening all over the world. And because we believe that we have to do what is right, we warn our officers and
men, sometimes we set them up to ensure that we get them on the act.
And so who is caught on the act is being dismissed.

Responding to claims that the dismissal decision was harsh, the IG
said ?For somebody who is corrupt, I will not run a corrupt police

On the call for the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu to
be transferred out of the state, the Police boss said a professional
police officer is not a politician and cannot be drawn into politics.

He added that Mbu has been charged to be a professional police officer
providing safety and security for Rivers State.

?The situation is okay. We are not politicians; we cannot be brought
into the politics of this country. Professional police officers are
supposed to do what they are supposed to do to protect lives and
properties and that is why we remain where we are and we charge the
commissioner of police to be a professional police officer providing
safety and security for the good people and development of Rivers
State,? he said

He thanked Almighty Allah for His mercies and Nigerians for their
support to ensuring peace in the country.

?We shall continue to pray and I want to use the opportunity to thank
Nigerians for their support, for their cooperation, for their
partnership in fighting crime and criminality in this country. And
equally, to thank our officers and men of the Nigerian Police and
other security agencies for these collaboration and partnership, we
want to thank the media for their support in the fight against


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