The Inspector General of Police Mohammed Alhassan over the weekend inspected a parade made up of 560 police personnel at Tema sports stadium to ascertain their preparedness towards the pending Supreme Court verdict.

He congratulated personnel for their splendid turn up and the impressive attitude they displayed which according to him, such attitude is expected from them as professionals to discharge their duties. He urged them to continue with such commendable attitude while they are deployed to all areas of their responsibility in and around Tema to maintain peace and order.

He however cautioned the personnel not to allow complacency to set in, due to the unpredictable nature of policing and the fact that trend can change at any time so they must be ready to face whatever challenge that comes their way whiles discharging their constitutional duties. He also noted that, there was a few lapses which will be discuss with the Regional Command and the rough edges will be straighten.

He further advised them to exhibit professionalism both on duty and off duty to avoid any wrong perspective, because the police are law enforcement agency which does that within a certain rules and regulations. ?So when there is a need for us to use force then it must be used according to the dictate of the law,? he added.

Mr. Mohammed Alhasssan emphasized it is important for the personnel to note that they are not going to war and do not have an enemy but rather to enforce the law. He cited that the equipments given them are to protect themselves and other citizenry. Therefore there is the need for them to continue to train and be familiarized with the equipment so they can use them effectively to protect lives, property and maintain law and order.

Meanwhile DCOP John Kudalor charged the police personnel to go out there to provide quality service without any fear or favour but rather being neutral and non-political.

According to him, the equipments given them are state of the art equipments therefore he urged them take their training seriously and also marry the equipment as their husband or wife to enable them use it effectively in accordance of the law and regulations.


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