Information available to indicates that situation at Nasarawa State may have taken a new turn and may have resulted to new revelations concerning the true cause of the killings between the police and the traditionalist group, Ombatse.

According to the information gathered, the widows of the slain police officers had taken to the streets on Friday at Akwanga in protest of the killing of their husbands. The widows blocked a 3kilometer stretch of  the major thoroughfare into Akwanga town for a period of over 5hours ? before the zonal police chief of Zone ?B? came to address the protesting widows. [The majority of the killed police officers were from the Akwanga police station.]

The police chief was not allowed to address the widows because he was booed repeatedly ? and the police chief was whisked away when it became apparent his safety was no longer guaranteed.

As the police chief left, our source informed that the widows were invited by the governor to the governor?s house   where the governor attempted to cool the grieving wives into understanding why the unfortunate event occurred.

But it was understood that the governor got what he did not expect from the widows. The widows were quick to point blame at the Governor for dispatching the officers of the law, their husbands, to such ?questionable and unwarranted? assignment. Without mincing words, the widows pointed the cause of their husband?s death directly at the doorsteps of the Governor.

Reacting, the governor called for understanding while explaining that the group, Ombatse, were engaged in satanic practices ? and had required Police attention. But the widows remained unsettled with the explanation. They were however placated with the N1million each to each widow. The widows accepted.

The next day [today] following the visit to the Governor, the widows headed out to the streets again. This time they laid the demanded for the corpse of their husbands.  The demand was made to the Governor for him to give them their husband?s corpse.

Interestingly, the widows did not point blame at the traditionalist group for the death of their husbands. According eye witnesses, the widows also appears to have found increasing widespread support from the masses in Akwanga/Lafia axis ? who have since come en mass to join the protests. Estimate of the number of protesters near 8,000 women.

The Inspector General of Police [IGP], M.  D. Abubakar who was at a meeting with the President of federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is said to have cut short the meeting to visit Akwanga to meet the protesting women and widows.

Meanwhile a new report recently obtained by field operative point to a secret relationship between the Ombatse and Governor Al Makura ? that had lasted many years ? may have been the principal cause for the unfortunate incident. Stay tuned for the report tomorrow.


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