A former Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party, Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquaye, has urged Ghanaians to take criticisms from ex-president Rawlings on former heads of state with a grain of salt; since he has carved a niche for himself as a person who speaks on issues without reasoning.

The latest outburst on Mr. Rawlings by Prof. Mike Ocquaye, follows an earlier criticism by the former head of state, on Ex-presidents Kufour and the late Mills, for claiming that they are to be held liable for the country?s retrogression.

Quite surprised at Mr. Rawlings critic on his successors, the former legislator noted in an interview with Okay FM that people should make it a determined factor to simply ignore Mr. Rawlings since he deliberately jumped unto the political scene to waste the precious time of the nation.

?He must learn to make serious analysis before he talks?, Professor Mike Ocquaye advised.

As someone who witnessed events that led to the June 4th uprising, Prof. Mike Ocqauye established that ?there was absolutely no respect in this country and at the international level? when former President Rawlings took the laws into his own hands and ruled. According to him, the nation must be thankful former president Kufour took over from ex-president Rawlings and restored the image of the country.

Shedding some light on what the NPP did to cleanse the mess of ex-President Rawlings; Prof. Mike Ocquaye noted that had former President Kufour not signed the country onto HIPC, ?no one in the country could have afforded to even buy food?.

?We were about three or five in Kufour?s office when he called the British Prime minister to inform him of the woes of this country? Tony Blair personally sold Ghana in a positive light to other western countries and out of pity, they signed us unto HIPC. That move cleared all the debts President Rawlings had incurred for the country?, he added.



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