The former governor of Abia state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has fired a stern warning to northerners who asked them (Igbos) to vacate the north by October 1, 2017.

In a post on his Facebook wall on Tuesday, 11 July, the ex-governor stated categorically that nobody can touch the Igbos because they belong to Nigeria.

He wrote: “Nobody can touch Igbos because this is our country. If anybody kills any of our brothers, we will go and fight back. We will not take it lightly that anybody kills any of us and then you will tell us to go and take it lightly again; no! We will not take that.

“Anybody that touches any Igbo man because of the quit notice; the country will go into war, and I will lead the war; if Igbos are touched.

“The quit notice means nothing; I know when northerners speak, I will see their hand when they speak, I was trained by them so I know when they are serious.

“No reasonable northern elder will do that; did Adamu Ciroma say so? Did Babangida say so? Did President Abdulsalam say so? Will Aliko support that? Only people who are looking for cheap popularity.”

“When you say northern elders, I don’t know whether Sultan, Emir of Kano and his likes are asking us to quit. If all these people come out and say we should quit; we will quit. We are not afraid of quitting.But Nigerian unity is more important.”

Source: globalvillaeextra