Prince Jude Ihenatu Chinemeze I of the Igbos in Ghana has celebrated his Sixth birthday in a grand style.

The occasion which was attended by thousands of Nigerians including King Makers of the Ibgo Kingdom was described by many as an occasion that celebrated the whole of Igbo land and not an individual affair.

In an interview with King Eze Ndi-Igbo I of the Igbos in Ghana and father to the celebrant, he expressed joy and happiness to the event and indicated that the occassion has granted Prince Ihenatu the sense of belonging and the feeling of motherly and fatherly love.

He also stressed that the celebrantion of one?s birth day in important in his or her life, especially in the lives of children.

According to him, it is the joy of every parent to see their Child grow to become more responsible and prosperous in life.

He wished Prince Ihenatu well and advised him to acknowledge God for Him to direct his path. ?I wish the Prince the best and pray that he grows to do better than us, his parents.?

He thenked all who were present to celebrate the day with his family and called on them to remember his family in preyers.

Speaking to Prince Ihenatu Chinemeze I, he expressed appreciation to his father, mother and his entire family and friends for making the occasion a success.

He was hopeful that the wishes and blessings poured on him during the celebration of his birthday will manifest in his life.

A renowed movie actress, Vivian Achor the MC fort the occasion also congratulated the Prince and wished him pprsperous life, calling on him to grow to become a worthy and respectively King.


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