The Nigerian King in Ghana, Eze Ndi Igbo I, has outlined measures he is putting in place to unite all the people of Igbo land in the Diaspora, bringing them to appreciate their diminishing revered culture the more.

Eze Ndi Igbo I who was confident that his reign as the King will be beneficial to both countries said, he has much respect for the culture of the people of Igbo, and that in as much as there is a deciline in the way and manner Igbos, especially those in the diaspora are putting their culture behind, the onus lies on him to bring that home.

He was speaking in an interview at his palace in Accra, where he averred that ?the culture of the Igbos is going down. This is mainly due to travelling, and because of that many of us do not portray our unique culture, he noted.

According to Eze Ndi Igbo I, elders of Igboland decided to move round the world, and identify where Igbos are and make sure that they create that awareness in their people to always appreciate the fact that they have a unique and a revered culture that must be protected.

He explained that it was decided to enstool a King in each country where Igbos are living, a king who can unite the people in upholding the true spirit of the Igbo culture.

When asked as to how such a King is corronated, Eze Igbo said, Kings for people in the Diaspora must not necessarily be of a kinship lineage to become king, but someone who can bring his people together to bring development to the Igboland.

?This King must serve as an umbrella under which all Igbos in the Diaspora are brought together,? he said.

Touching on some of his intended projects he will be committed to whilst in charge as the King of Igbos in Ghana, Eze Ndi Igo I, averred that they will soon be crowning a King for Peace and Kings of Peace in all the Regions and the Constituencies in Ghana who will steer affairs so as to help in amicable settlements of cases that might ensued among their subjects.

He also indicated that they will soon establish an Igbo Centre in Ghana which will house the palace, Igbo School where the Igbo language will be taught.

?You know, even between two Igbo men, they cannot speak the Igbo language without diverting to the English language. This is a real challenge which I want to address, that is why we want to build a school that will teach our children, not necessarily children but adults as well, the Igbo language,? Eze Igbo said.

According to him, lots of things are in the pipeline and by the grace of God he will have all to fruition, stressing that Igbo people are wonderful people who do wonderful things and the time has come for them to impact that knowledge to the people of Ghana and hence he is collaborating with the Chiefs across Ghana to see how best they can build that peaceful co-existence among their people.

It is however noteworthy that there occurred a row among members of Igbo community in Ghana over planned installation of an Eze Ndi Igbo in Ghana.

However two separate dates September 9 and September 15, have been slated for the coronation of two rival aspirants. And these contestants? lore is a thriller, brimming with intrigue, complacency, obduracy, dynamism and antagonism; all rolled into one.

The battle has been between Chief Geoffrey and Chief Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu.

Sadly, the programme billed to take place at Efua Sutherland Park, Ihenetu?s coronation is an elaborate four-day affair interspersed with a lecture, New Yam Festival, display of Igbo cuisine, Igbo traditional dances and costumes as well as a pageant to pick Ada-Igbo Beauty Queen, among others couldn?t come on because of the rivalry to his coronation.

In an earlier interview with him Eze Ndi Igo noted enthusiastically that numerous social and political heavyweights, both Ghanaians and Nigerians, have accepted his invitation to grace the occasion with their presence.

Meanwhile, Chief Ihenetu has been accepted by the Ghana House of Chiefs which had his name gazzetted as Eze Ndi Igbo in Ghana.



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