Comedian cum Rapper, Derrick Kwabena Bonney, known in Showbiz as DKB says flooding in Accra is as a result of indiscriminate littering of rubbish by residents.

The Comedian speaking to source posited ?People?s houses are chocked with water. This is a very humble appeal to each and every one; let?s stop the littering and trust me we will save ourselves from all these disasters. I heard people wait for the water to flow when the rains are heavy and they throw their rubbish in the gutters for the rains to take them away, it is wrong, it is wrong!?

?There are chocked gutters and people look unconcerned, so when it rains we see the results, it floods easily and many lives are lost and all. I thank the government for the national sanitation project, I think the government should keep it up and encourage more participation and there should be a lot of sensitization on littering? DKB said.

Speaking on the GOIL explosion yesterday (4th June, 2015), DKB said ?This GOIL filling station wouldn?t have had water stagnant for the fuel to be on it?s surface, the people who have died could have been MPs, Lawyers, Presidents. I am pleading with everyone, this is a sad moment, let?s stop littering and save our lives. I support #CleanGutters, I support #GoodDrainage, I support #Life.?

Many lives and property have been lost as a result of the torrential rains in Ghana and the capital of Ghana, Accra has suffered most from the down pour this year.



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