The executive secretary of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Alphonse Ntumba Luaba on Monday announced temporary relocation of the institution’s offices to another country due to prevailing insecurity in Bujumbura. wpid-Burundi-Protesters-Defy-Police-Crackdown.jpg
“The presidents of ICGLR member states decided during a summit in Luanda to temporarily relocate the executive secretariat to guarantee secure, safe and effective functioning of the secretariat,” Luaba said after meeting in Bujumbura with Burundi Ombudsman Mohamed Rukara.
He, however, did not say the country where the executive secretariat will be temporarily relocated to.
Luaba said not all secretariat staff will leave, “although those who feel stressed with the prevailing insecurity in Burundi will be relocated.”
He urged the Burundian government and people to help the ICGLR executive secretariat by reinforcing peace and security as this would “reassure employees of the regional organization to remain in the country.”
A political crisis broke out in Burundi in April this year after President Pierre Nkurunziza was endorsed by his party to contest for a third term.
Following his endorsement on April 26, opposition parties and civil society organizations launched a wave of protests, arguing that his candidature was a violation of the country’s Constitution and the Arusha Agreement, both of which limit presidential terms to two.
ICGLR is an inter-governmental organization that was established on the recognition that political instability and conflicts in the Great Lakes Region’s countries had considerable regional dimension and thus required a concerted effort in order to promote sustainable peace and development. Enditem



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