SUNNET SYSTEMS Ghana, an Information Communication Technology (ICT) company delivering world class IT infrastructure, solution design and implementation, has introduced PureSystems, an IBM?product line of factory pre-configured components and?servers onto the market.

Satish Sankar, Head of Enterprise Sales of Sunnet Systems, who educated representatives who were in attendance at the launch, in a presentation, said IBM?s expert integrated systems were built for cloud, big data & analytics.

?Businesses today depend on ICT infrastructure to remain competitive, profitable and efficient in their quality of service delivery. PureSystems fundamentally improve the experience and economics of IT by simplifying the entire project lifecycle to reduce time, cost and risk.?

He stated that PureSystems could host four different operating systems (AIX,?IBM i,?Linux,?Windows) and five?hypervisors?(HyperV,?KVM,?PowerVM,?VMware,?Xen) on two different hardware architectures (Power Architecture?and?x86) simultaneously.

?Being a so-called?converged system, PureSystems combines functionality of an?appliance?with the flexibility of an arbitrarily scalable system,? Satish noted.

David Osunkoya, an official of Sunnet Systems, also in a presentation, called on businesses to invest in new ICT solutions to enhance their competitiveness.

He said a recent study by IBM showed that 68 percent of IT operating cost in 2013 would be spent on management and administration, adding that only one in five organizations allocate more than 50 percent of their IT budget to new products.

Sunnet has presence in six countries in West Africa and nine in other parts of the continent.

The company also has operations in the Middle East and seeks to expand to East & Central Africa regions.

IBM PureFlex and Flex System allows clients to build flexible, secure cloud solutions to deliver infrastructure services (IaaS).

PureFlex System features include IBM SmartCloud Entry and enhanced security levels pre-set to enable rapid cloud deployments and reduce cost.

The event was organized by Sunnet Systems and IBM to promote the IBM pure systems to the business market.

?A business desk report


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