Osu RemixThis song is easily identifiable as one of those street anthems that you will probably hear being bumped in every corner of the street.

If you have ever been to Ghana, then you have most likely been to Osu before. Osu is home to Ghana’s most popular street ‘The Oxford Street’.

Osu is noted for being very busy during the day and night as well due to the abundance of various hangouts, clubs, fine restaurants and classy pubs and lounges. It is actually surprising no artiste has attempted producing a song to celebrate Osu so mad props to Ian Jazzi for releasing an official soundtrack. Osu now has it’s own theme music.

Osu is fusion of dancehall and hiphop beats with an African feel to it. Ian Jazzi sings the chorus and drops a very hot first verse in English, Pidgin and Ga all fused intricately with nice word play and imagery. Mornin Tee finished comes in with the verse two in Ga doing what he does best as Ghana’s fastest Ga rapper.


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