The?? Lead Consultant for I2I Concept Gad Ocran says, for?the past year?s Semi-Skilled Personnels in the Country have been bedeviled with high rent charges by various landlords in the Country .

wpid-house3.jpgThe average annual or monthly salary of these personnel, he said, do not match to the amount these landlords charge , one problem that so many semi-skilled personnel in the country has been complaining is the yearly rent advance charges these landlords charges.

In a statement to express I2I Concept’s view on the implementation of the One Month rent advance policy by government, Gad Ocran said, I2I Concept fully accept the Government Policy which seek? to? reduce this yearly rent advancement charges to One Month rent advance.

“But i2i concept fear that if pragmatic measures are not taking by the Government this policy will not succeed considering the ineffective land tenure system that has bedeviled the country, Economic downfall of the country ,etc.

…ON LAND TENURE SYSTEMS: The government and it?s institutions responsible for taking care of land related issues in the country, Chiefs and other stakeholder?s should come in to a consensus to redefine the land tenure system so that acquisition of land in the country become very more comfortable and unproblematic. In recent times multiple sale of one land by Chiefs, individuals, institutions has been a major challenge that people go through especially real estate developers in the country who are basically responsible for the building of? affordable house s to cater for these semi-skilled personnel and other individuals and institutions. And due to this individuals ,institutions ,and real estate developers who build houses for rent factor this huge cost that they incur in the initial acquisition of land not withstanding other things that go in to the building of the house itself.”

On ECONOMIC DOWNFALL, mentioned that government should strengthen the economy of this country toward making the buying of building materials ?very affordable for this real estate developer?s or individuals or organizations who build houses. Problem?s such as the fall of the cedi against the dollar which is a major challenge that these people go through since most of the building material ?s used are imported and other problem such as high duties being charged on building materials at the various port .

INDUSTRIALISATION:I2I CONCEPT can say that one remedy to this problem? is the failure of past Government and the recent Government to build industries which will go in to the manufacturing of some of the materials these real estate developer?s? or individuals or organizations ,who are in to the business of building houses need. In an era where the president of this country, H.E. JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA is propagating the need to consume what we produce as a country we will also throw a request to the Government to bring out policies that will strengthen the already locally based companies who are in to the production of building materials like GHACEM,DIAMOND CEMENT etc. To produce more and even go further to produce other building materials that these real estate developers, individuals, organizations who are in to the business of building houses need.




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