?I wouldn?t mind Angelo winning the money,? Elikem confided in Big Brother during his Diary Session before adding that the South African was a nice person and the fact that he swapped him doesn?t mean he doesn?t like him.

Elikem also said that he took the decision to put him up because he had to do so as a HOH just like any other housemate would have done, adding that he sees him in the finals though no one can tell what might happen on Sunday.

Asked about his current relationship with Angelo, the Ghanaian tailor said: ?I respect Angelo. He?s a nice guy.?

Elikem who?s already a Finalist also revealed that he wouldn?t mind facing Angelo at the August 25th finale because he deserves to be there just like the rest of the Ruby gang.

Of the 7 Chasemates, who do you think deserves to win the Chase?

Source: BBA


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