Carlos Sakyi
Carlos Sakyi

Interim Chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Carlos Sakyi, remains defiant in the face of growing calls to step down.

“I will not resign,” Mr. Sakyi said in an exclusive interview with The Weekend Globe newspaper adding “resigning my post will amount to gross irresponsibility and dereliction of duty”.

While threatening to sue the leaders of the ongoing crusade to oust him for libel, the under-fire GHAMRO Chief said, “There is a lot of cheap tactics going on,” and accused his detractors of wanting to “derail the entire sector”. But, he said, derailing GHAMRO “will not happen today or tomorrow or the day after”.

The GHAMRO Chief’s bold stance comes as agitated Ghanaian musicians have mounted sustained campaign, calling for his resignation as head of the new royalty collective society formed to police and manage the rights of music owners.

Source: The Globe newspaper


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