?The parliamentary candidate for the ruling National Democratic Congress (N.D.C.) for Upper Denkyira East Constituency in the Central Region, Dr. Mark Kurt Nawaane has promised the chiefs and people of his constituency of clean campaign devoid of insults and fighting before, during and after the December general elections.

Dr Nawaame
Dr Nawaame

He noted that, the time has reached the straight line to the election and so they the N.D.C. is going to remain with development agenda and not campaign on lies and insults.

Speaking after the parliamentary candidates of the political parties in the constituency have been invited to the palace of the chief of Dunkwa-on-Offin, Nana Obeng Nuako III, under the auspices of ?WO MAN NTI?, a television programme to advise them on carrying out a clean political campaign, Dr. Nawaane disclosed that, he was at the moment doing politics based on development and ideas and not the one that would end up with insults and fighting among their supporters?.

Dr. Nawaane was so happy with the chief?s invitation, noting that, since the late President, J.E.A. Mills was a man of peace; they all have to emulate him.

The Parliamentary Candidate who owns one of the leading private hospitals in Dunkwa-on-Offin, St. Mark Hospital in the constituency capital said, he is thinking of the deteriorated roads from Dunkwa, as well as electricity, school blocks and bungalows for teachers which are inadequate.

?Clinics are also very important for the small communities that have become large and that are why I want the electorates to vote for me to help open up the constituency,? he stressed.

According to him, the chief has done very well by inviting all the political heads in his traditional area.


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