Chairman of the dissolved board of the Metro Mass Transit Services Limited, Osabarima Ansah Sasraku III, has stated that he would be vindicated after investigations into the operations of the company.

President Mahama Thursday dissolved the board of the state-run company and asked the Managing Director, Noble John Appiah and his deputy, John Awuku Dzuazah to step aside.

The dissolution of the board came after workers of the company called for the dismissal of the Deputy MD and the Chairman of the Board of Directors following what they described as their complicity in the disappearance of some 12 buses.

Speaking to Starr News in an interview, Thursday, Ansah Sasraku III said he welcomes government?s decision but added that the entire hullabaloo would have been prevented if the ministry had acted on the procurement audit report.

?I believe if some action had been taken on the procurement audit report, all this hullabaloo wouldn?t have come up,? Ansah Sasaraku III told Papisdaf Abdullah.

?But it is good that some independent body is being asked to investigate?because some of us are being accused of things they know are not true so it is good that some independent body comes to investigate and we are waiting for the report,? he added.

Meanwhile, some workers of the MMT have questioned government?s decision to interdict the Managing Director.

According to the workers of the state-run transport company, the Managing Director was not implicated in their petition to government and wonder why government asked him to step aside.



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