Shatta Wale took to Twitter & Facebook to apologize to music industry professionals today. In the letter he apologized to Samini, Stonebwoy, Charter House, Gh One, bloggers and other artistes he may have offended.

Read his public statement below.
?Letter To the Industry?Share It..I was making a point maybe my approach was Bad but that point i was trying to make still holds??#?NOTIME? ?#?KWIKIT? ?#?BHSM?


Every birth brings to every household good tidings and blessings. You and I brought joy on this plane and are blessings onto our folks and the universe as a whole.

The instance i set eyes on MAJESTY, calm and peace went up my spine, his cries were distinct with words saying ?make peace daddy? I have struggled with this message for a while and prayed over it. Anytime i held him in my arms those are the words that resounds in my soul.

I have been through a lot and thankful to the lord for all my trials and tribulations. He made me strong and has always won victory for me in the face of adversity. He?s kept his promise and has never disgraced me. He has in many ways spoken to me and I have listened. He?s spoken to me again and I humbly oblige.

By this piece I am calling for a suspension of hostilities in our industry and would like to ask for pardon if by my actions or inactions caused grief to all industry persons.

My code of belief has always been to wrestle against sinister motives and overcome hurdles in our industry that seeks to pull down and impoverish the ghanaian artiste and the industry as a whole.

I mean well and hold on to my philosophy, I believe all in the industry shares the same vision and ask we join forces to wrestle our demons to see our industry thrive for posterity.

Apologies to my brother Samini and his family, to Mr. Ayoade and the staff of charterhouse and GhOne, to every journalist, blogger, media house, presenter and my colleague artistes I may have stepped on.

Lately there?s been an external attempt to start a feud between me and my younger brother Stonebwoy, but we are above it. Let?s bust a tune fi dem, I say to my young brother.

To my brother Samini, I say we owe the world a collaboration and a worldwide Peace Tour.

I hope my message will not be misread and misconstrued. I am not asking Charterhouse to withdraw their case against me or sought after awards and also not seeking to win the media over. Thank you.

I am carrying out the highest order as a servant of God onto mankind.

God bless Ghana and our entertainment industry. Let?s get together and forge ahead.


Charles Nii Armah Mensah
Founder/CEO Shatta Movement Records

SAMINI also took to Twitter to react to Shatta Wale?s Apology:

Read what he Tweeted:

#mymother said to me ?don?t mind dem, keep calm and watch dem fall like rain. They will surely drain for the sun to shine again. #MumsWords

#mymother raised me to respect myself N everyone around me.?don?t insult da elderly no matter what?she told me.She also called me SPECIAL

#BreakingNews ..Careful of the dem.They will implicate and stigmatize U wiv Fabrications N lies in their own interest.#stayfar from dem


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