Oscar Pistorius

The door through which Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend was ?bashed? with a cricket bat, a forensics expert has told his murder trial in South Africa.

The Paralympic athlete claims he tried to break open the door after realising whom he had shot.

The door has been brought into court to be examined during the murder trial.

Mr Pistorius denies intentionally killing Reeva Steenkamp in February last year, saying he fired after mistaking her for a burglar.

There is also a toilet cubicle in court, says the BBC?s Puma Fihlani at the court in Pretoria.

It is a replica of the toilet in which Ms Steenkamp was shot.

The court will hear forensic evidence on the location of shooter, the grouping of the shots and their trajectory.

Earlier on Wednesday, a friend of Mr Pistorius claimed that the star had driven at 200 km/h (124mph) and that he had taken a picture of the speedometer to prove it.

The defence team alleged that Darren Fresco was himself driving at the time and had therefore fabricated evidence.

On Tuesday, Mr Pistorius? defence team questioned a pathologist?s finding that his girlfriend had eaten less than two hours before he killed her.

This contradicts the athlete?s account that the pair had been in bed for several hours before the shooting.

The state is seeking to convince the court that Mr Pistorius and Ms Steenkamp, a 29-year-old model, and reality TV star, had an argument before the athlete fired the shots that killed her.

There are no juries at trials in South Africa, and his fate will ultimately be decided by the judge, assisted by two assessors.

If found guilty, the 27-year-old, a national sporting hero dubbed the ?blade runner? after having both lower legs amputated, could face life imprisonment.



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