David-Oscar-dum "My love letter to Yvonne Nelson is true and I support #DumsorMustStop campaign" - David Oscar David Oscar dum

Ghanaian stand-up comedian, David Oscar who seemed guilty for #DumsorMustStop campaign and vigil critics has made a turnaround on Wednesday, May 13 on Hitz FM in an interview with Doreen Avio.

Popular Ghanaian comedian, David Oscar who has made several headlines lately over criticising the Yvonne-Sarkodie-led #DumsorMustStop campaign and forthcoming vigil has made a dramatic turnaround.

The comedian had scolded actress cum director, Yvonne Nelson and other celebrities who are planning a vigil against government?s handling of the erratic power supply in the country. He stated last week that it is hypocritical for the celebrities to take such stands when they have refused to offer solutions to end the power crisis.

The stand-up comedian who seemed guilty for his actions has made a turnaround on Wednesday, May 13 on Hitz FM in an interview with Doreen Avio.

When asked about his views on the power crisis and his support for the #DumsorMustStop vigil, he said ?Do you believe in democracy? Do you believe in freedom of speech? I equally respect their sentiments?I can express my views and they can as well. I support the Dumsor campaign because we are all affected though I am waiting for the Police to give the green light before I will fully participate.?

David also revealed the letter he wrote to Yvonne Nelson through his Facebook page is true, not a joke.

The comedian who is now a singer finally disclosed that, he is currently working on five songs of which three are recorded.



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