A RESPECTED Man of God whose church has a large following has confessed that he likes having anal sex with men although he has a girlfriend he bonks often.

Pastor Marvin Brown, also known as ?Prince Mark?, leader of the New Jerusalem Religion at Tema Community 4 in the Greater Accra Region, made the surprising confessing about his sex life after he was arrested based on allegations that he had had anal sex with a 14-year-old boy and infected the victim with a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Though the young boy is reported to have alleged that Pastor Mark had anal sex with him on five different occasions, the accused has described the allegation as an exaggeration.

According to the pastor, it was just once that he had a ?quickie? with the 14-year-old boy and it was done under the influence of alcohol: ?Realizing that my libido was high, I decided to masturbate; and after a while when I realized that I was about to come, I rushed and inserted the tip of my penis into his anus where I ejaculated and that was all,? Pastor Prince Mark was quoted by DAILY GUIDE as saying.

Asked why he bonked the poor lad, the pastor explained that he went out with the teenager to have fun and took some alcohol which angered his libido. The pastor said when they returned home, his libido was still high so he phoned his girlfriend to come over for some hot bouts but she refused with an excuse that it was late.

Pastor Prince Mark said it was at that point that he decided to masturbate as a way of subduing his untamed libido and making his manhood quiet and sober but ended up grabbing the innocent teenage boy and pushing the tip of his penis into the boy?s anus just when he was about to ejaculate.

Pastor Prince Mark is currently being investigated by the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Tema Regional Police Command after his alleged anal sex with the minor was reported to them.

The pastor disclosed further that although he had had sex with several men, he was always on top and the one who inserted his penis into his partners. He said no one had ever bonked him although he had bonked several men.

Though Pastor Prince Mark noted that all his sex partners were outside the country, his 14-year-old accuser claims he had seen the pastor having sex with a man right here in Ghana.

The boy is a member of Prince Mark?s church and was staying with him because school was on vacation. It was the boy?s father, also a member of the church, who agreed that the child should spend the vacation with the Pastor.

He never told his parents of his alleged five bouts of anal sex with the pastor until he started to fall sick and allegedly tested positive for HIV.

Source: News One


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