Head pastor of Givers Outreach Dominion International Church, Evangelist Frank Nana Gyesi has loudly criticized government move to sponsor Christians to Israel for prayers describing such believers as “tourist”.

The obviously angry man of God could barely hide his bitterness as he preached to his congregation last Sunday at Pokuase-Amanfrom in the Ga-West Municipality.

Evangelist Gyesi opined that, “I regard people who go to Israel to pray as tourist”. They go there on excursion exercise. Some of them come back from Israel looking very “fresh” after fasting and prayers. Why? The God we serve is omnipresent, he is everywhere. Why leave the shores of this country to another country to pray?

He said, there are very poor and needy people in Israel who desires God’s intervention. “If indeed the God we serve resides in Israel, why are such people suffering” He added that, prayers answered are those receded by faith, not those requested or prayed for at certain locations.

He further lamented that, what appears very regretful is to find a government who should be sensitive to the poor and neglected people in society, deeply rooted in sponsoring people to embark on a “fruitless” journey to Israel.

Gyesi bewailed that, “there are seeming inevitable challenges confronting the country that are in dire need of government’s attention. The poor state of health delivery is unbearable. Motorist are unable to ply roads because they are not motorable. Farmers are crying over increasing cost of fertilizer and lack of ready markets, many schools still under trees in this 21st century, yet government finds flying people to Israel for prayers as a priority”.

The man of God appealed to government to revert its decision to spend money unnecessarily on people who have lost faith in the Omnipresent God. Government should rather concentrate on issues that affects the wellbeing of this generation,

“If some Christians believes that God resides in Israel and that they want to have a personal interaction with him, why that should be a burden to the state”, he concluded.

By Emmanuel Asieme Ayine