Jose Mourinho called Roman Abramovich for Essien

Michael Essien was on his way to another club from Chelsea until Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho made an intervention to secure the midfielder at the Bernabeu on loan before the end of the August 2012 transfer window.

The Madrid boss revealed that he had to call Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich on phone to tell him he needed the services of the Ghanaian midfielder.

?Michael Essien was going to another club? and I called Abramovich to say ?please leave to your friend,? Mourinho said in an exclusive interview with CNN?s Pedro Pinto.

Mourinho?s answer was in response to Pinto?s question of whether he will work again under the Russian billionaire after he left Stamford Bridge.

?Offcourse? No hard feeling. I think it was a perfect example of a fantastic divorce. I still get in touch with him,? Mourinho said in the interview.

The Portuguese maintains he has a good relationship with Roman Abramovich.

?We have a great relationship in fact,? he said.

By Ekow Quandzie


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