Eric Akoto
Eric Akoto

Gospel singer/radio presenter Eric Akoto has said that he never claimed to have quits the Kasoa based Pink fm as was reported on about a month ago.


“What I remember saying was that when the calling comes from the Lord Almighty God above for me to quit my job I wouldn’t mind renouncing but not leave hanging as was being speculated at the time”, Akoto said in an exclusive interview with


“At Pink fm where I work we don’t see ourselves as colleagues but brothers and sisters with a singular mission so when the news broke up it really caused a lot of troubles between me and my co workers at work”.


“I recounted the day when my C.E.O called me all the way from Kumasi to ask me if I had such intention and why should I keep it to myself if I had one. I was completely dumbfounded when Mr. Goodman Baffour who hardly talks queried me on phone on that particular day but after explaining myself to him he understood,” Akoto told


“I would like to use this opportunity to inform all my listeners that I’m still with Pink fm and I’m even going to improve on what I used to giving them and again thank Ghanaweb for taking the pain to come and seek for my version of the story”, Akoto ended.



By: El-Amisty Nobo/Freelance Journalist


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