The Governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, on Sunday revealed that he spent N105 billion fixing?federal roads in the state.
Amaechi also said that because of the sharp disagreement between him and President Goodluck Jonathan, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government has ceaselessly embarked on smear campaigns against him.
The Governor stated that at the time his disagreement with the federal government was at its peak, the Police, Military and other security agencies were reporting to the wife of the President, which made him fight such a system, since he was convinced it will not make Nigeria grow.
Amaechi, who said this in Abuja, pointed out that it was a period Nigeria should not go back to again, stressing that public officers should learn to lead by the rule so as to avoid abuses as wives of incumbents were not elected and allowing them step their bounds naturally leads to abuse of office.
The Governor stated that his achievements speak volume, stressing that all he did in Rivers state were not for self-glorification but to bequeath a legacy for successive administrations in the state to sustain.
He however added that 90 per cent of the people who worked with him betrayed him.
He further showcased series of achievements spanning all sectors, wondering why the federal government was desperate about painting his administration in bad light even when he spent N105 billion doing federal roads.
He stated that he was not afraid to face the barage of forces but said because he kept his books well, he had the courage to sustain the struggle, expressing joy that history will vindicate him in the end.
In the documentary which featured his giant strides in security, works, agriculture, works, education, transportation, health and social development, Amaechi?s administration was projected as not only as having positively transformed the state, but provided opportunities for the indigent to climb to the apex of their potentialities.
In particular, Senator Magnus Abbe, explained how Amaechi pioneered the amnesty programmes through which unparallel insecurity in the state was drastically reduced.
The senator explained that the federal government borrowed the idea of amnesty from his administration and provided evidence to justify the claim.
The commissioner for agriculture explained how in fisheries alone, 35,000 direct new jobs were created. He added that Rivers state has the highest creeks in the world, which provides lots of investment opportunities.
Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency, headed by Noble Pepple, explained how the agency helped to give several Rivers people opportunity to secure training in the best institutions in the world and also in agricultural intervention for creating wealth and employment that can lead to big business that can lead to the employment of other people.


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