I find this almost terrifying.

The US now has warships off Syria, to prevent Assad from using his non-existent chemical weapons, and we will have the same story as with Libya ? destroy a brutal dictator who was killing all his people ? and the Western media will parrot the line.

And yet one more domino falls. I see little to prevent yet one more ? Iran.

With all its success recently with all the colored and other revolutions, it?s just a matter of time before the US and Israel go after the prize they really want ? Iran.

And then Israel will have total control over the Middle East, all its enemies gone, and the US to keep the rest of the Arabs in line.

And the US will propagate its bases all over Africa, and that entire part of the world will be colonised forever.

And then the Great America will turn its attention to the Pacific, and then it will control the world.

There will eventually be a war with the US against China and Russia. I can?t imagine what will prevent that.

The US will not stop until it has the entire world under its thumb.

God help us all.


I wouldn?t worry too much.

Such ?control? is just an illusion. 

Blowback is inevitable. 

Just look at Egypt right now. 

And they just found out that some of the US weapons sent to Libyan ?freedom fighters? via Qatar ended up in the hands of terrorist groups. 

Good job, Obama! 

The eager beavers will be the end of all great schemes.

(from RV to Xin Ming)


RV, I wish you could be right in your optimism.

But Iraq is gone.

Libya is gone.


The US didn?t invade and colonise Egypt the way they did Iraq and Libya or the way they will do Syria and Iran.

But if they lose control, they will return to Egypt.

They caused one revolution and are easily capable of causing another.


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