Being vociferous in expressing my views and bold in telling the truth as it should, the doubting-Thomases have had the cause to question my identity. Reading from their comments to my published articles, I have established how coward some people are. They are ever ready at any time to kowtow to?the nonsense emanating from the camp of those they hold in awe. Some people are querying if at all John Fosu, the defender of the poor, the basher, or the critic, of the irresponsible Ghanaian traditional leaders is an Ashanti? His answer to them is yes, of course. Their argument is, why and how could he confront the Asante Overlord harshly as he does if he was an Ashanti?


Why should we relegate ourselves to the status of inhibited persons and act as though we are devoid of common sense all in an effort to venerate our traditional or political leaders? The Bible admonishes us to give respect to those whom respect is due.??It does not oblige us to respect our leaders no matter how irresponsibly they conduct themselves. I respect only those who respect themselves, those who behave responsibly, giving respect to those they rule or govern. I do not respect anyhow. I do not respect people because they hold higher positions in the society.


Why should you as a person with abundant common sense, continue to prostrate to those who take you for a fool? I believe whoever continues to worship those that underestimate his or her intelligence is really a big fool and deserve to be cast out of sight of discerning human beings.


Our failure to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and inactions has led Ghana into the deplorable state in which we find ourselves today. Our political leaders are corrupt, stealing money under the guise of judgment debt payments. Our traditional leaders are not only corrupt but also, cheats and most disrespectful. They are selling any inch of land under their jurisdiction and pocketing the money. What nonsense is that? I neither countenance such acts nor suffer fools kindly.


What is sensible about the actions and inactions of Kumawuhemaa, Kumawu krontihene and Asantehene in regard of the Kumawu chieftaincy case pending before the Asanteman Council and the illegal sales or disposition of Kumawu Stool lands that I have copiously written about???Is it right for Asantehene to play his ignoble delay tactics aimed at perpetually depriving Kumawu of a paramount chief? Is he not of the intention to usurp the powers of any future Kumawuhene by his ongoing despicable behaviour to resolving the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute? He has not even an iota of power over Kumawuman according to stipulated traditions and customs hence my annoyance, at his otherwise pretences. He is simply abusing his authority and I will not suffer him kindly for that.


Kumawuhemaa as stupid as she is, is allowing Asantehene to exercise undue authority over Kumawuman ? depriving Kumawu of a paramount chief, ordering the surveying of Kumawu Stool lands with the intention to divide it among Agogohene, Kwamanghene and Kumawuhene. Who accorded him that right? Would he please read the facts and statements made, and signed, at the Asante Confederacy Council meeting of 21st?March, 1938? The fact that an ignorant queen is offering him free sex does not in any way translate into according him the right to exercise undue authority over Kumawuman. Until he behaves responsibly, I will continually expose him whenever he goes off the track of accepted traditional and customary norms. Don?t try to exercise powers where you have none.??Going beyond the periphery of one?s powers is always dangerous as there will always be hurdles to contend with.


Does Kumawuhemaa, the great great granddaughter of ?Ayo? think she can dispose of ?nananom? – Nana Fekae and Nana Tweneboa Kodua I ? lands lightly? She must be joking very big time. I do not even want to discuss Kumawu kontrihene, that crook conceived by deception and thievery.


Who has ever seen any of God?s prophet s running away from preaching the truth even at the expense of their lives? I am a vessel of God to tell the truth about the Kumawu royalty. I therefore fear no foe. Those who criticize me blindly, whether they hail from Kumawuman or elsewhere in Ghana should stop their complete display of ignorance and stupidity.


There is no man left in Kumawuman but women – in figurative sense. They are just cowards far worse than dogs fleeing danger with their tails tucked in-between their legs. They cower at the shadow of both Kumawuhemaa and her boyfriend, Asantehene.??John Fosu, a strange is left to fight their battle for them. What a shame!


Source: John Fosu


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