Controversial hip life artiste, Asem has once again stirred up the music scene with daring remarks on Radio Univers? mid-morning show that he was not interested in any awards event or award to be presented to him in Ghana or Abroad.

In an interview with Host of Brunch to Lunch, Bra Chef on Monday, the musician said the awards were just a bonus to his work as musician and not a priority.

?I don?t care about awards, let me tell you today and tell you now. So u can tell the whole world?.. I came to sing for the people, love the music. It?s the fans that are important to me not awards. The fans are the ultimate deciders. I don?t care about anyone?s perception, besides my fans. If you nominated me, if I had my own way I would tell you don?t nominate me but that will be rude because you may be coming from a very good place. You want to acknowledge musicians, if I had my own way I will tell you don?t nominate me?

The ?pigaro? singer whose ?Wasted? music video won the best male video in the just ended 4Syte Music Video Awards admitted he was enthusiastic and particular about winning awards years ago but growing older, he realized it is not as important, citing Bob Marley, Culture and Fela Kuti as great artistes who did not win awards during their time.

Speaking emphatically about the 4Syte Music Video Awards, Asem denied knowledge about how the event went saying he was ?fortunate? to have had another show hence his inability to attend.

?It was my next door neighbor, a little boy I play video games with who took the award on my behalf; otherwise I wouldn?t be so eager to go for it. Even as at now I haven?t gone for it from the boy, I am somewhere calming my nerves down after a hard day?s work?

The artiste concluded by saying he was not hungry for BET and Grammy Awards like some of his colleagues, saying it doesn?t matter to him.

Source: 233livenews


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