Why I shall never allow my six year old daughter to watch or ever listen to Nikki Samonas, Deborah Vanessa and their likes?

Of what relevance to society is my grandmother who happens to be in her late seventies? Sorry to say but her breast is sagging and drooping, sometimes I imagine she has to literally kick them out of her way to walk a short distance.

The reality check is that most old women who happen to be in a similar age category as my granny face such ?natural landslides?, it is normal. The question then becomes, is this all they have to offer to society?

I do not think I am the only person who gets sick whenever I see or hear these home grown ?Rihannas?and ?Soweto ladies? speak.? I sometimes wonder which is bigger their teats or their brains.

Do not get me wrong here, I absolutely stand for women empowerment, in fact as a UN Women ambassador for HeForShe campaign, one of the things I often stand up for are women who are suppressed or abused.

Unfortunately, one of the few things I shall never stand up for, are women who misinform and misdirect our young ones about what womanhood is all about. Women who think they can make lasting impact in society by stripping whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I recently listened to one of our homegrown Rihannas on a popular radio station defending what was obviously an obscene outfit she wore to a social gathering. ?Why did you dress like that to expose all those parts,? the host asked. She responded, ?All I have are my breasts, so I decided to show it to the world to attract attention,? she gladly responded without a shrewd of guilt. No wonder Einstein once said, ?Thinking is a difficult job that is why only few people engage in it.?

Let me say that indeed she has caught my eye with that crass of a dress and I believe the attention of millions of Ghanaians as well and this attention has informed my decision to hide my six year old daughter from her likes.

I would rather prefer my daughter to grow up in a society where she can look up to women of substance such as Shirley Frimpong Manso who has demonstrated over and over again that you do not have to strip naked to attract the attention of the world.

She has demonstrated to our young and upcoming women that it takes more than the outer shell of a human being to make a lasting impact in society. She obviously has demonstrated to the world that her brains are much more bigger than her teats.

?Who are you to critique these ?Rihannalike? ladies like that?? That is if they are ladies in the first place!!! Someone may demand. I was not surprised to hear another popular so called ?movie star? defend this sickening attitude engulfing our society when she said, this is freedom and democracy everybody does what pleases them.

I highly subscribe to her line of reasoning. Of course this is democracy, and if you think as a public figure; you can set bad precedence for the millions of children who are looking up to you, what makes you think I do not have the freedom to wield the power of my pen to influence millions of people positively.

After all we all have our freedom, Don?t we?

Nikki Samonas

Perhaps I need to show more of my ?sakkorra chest? and ?flattened buttocks? to gain international attention and boost my google, facebook and youtube traffic. Maybe that?s all I also have to offer as well but you see, what then happens to my relevance to society seventy years down the line when I am as old as my granny is today.

Of what use shall the likes of Nikki and the ?Obama hit maker? have in society when ?Darwin?s Evolution? catches up with them. Someone might want to explain ?Darwin?s Evolution? to them. I do not think they have ever given it a thought.

Yes, I am being as candid as I can because the impacts of their actions on our young ones are enormous and far reaching. Being on the screens demands responsibility and if they shall not take up that mantle of responsibility, I shall forcefully place it in their bras. Did I just say this? I simply cannot stand aloof and watch a few bad nuts destroy our moral fabric by actively promoting live porn in the media, to say the least.

Think whatever you want to think, this is Ghana. If you disagree, perhaps you need a ticket to Saudi Arabia, Iran or China. Choose one; I shall buy you the ticket. Hahahaha. I now sound like that politician.

On a serious note, lest I forget, it is never too late to turn a new leaf, we are all bound to make mistakes at a point in time and do not expect society to crucify us.

I would rather want to assume these young ladies are honestly doing this crazy stuff in the name of modeling or show business because they are simply ignorant. I hope they quickly see the sense in living a life that adds to society and not rather destroy what society has built.

I hope they see the sense in what I am saying. Women like Emma Watson, Rosa Parks, and Michelle Obama, just to mention a few have all demonstrated that you do not have to walk in town with the visible inscriptions on your forehead, ?anything goes? before the world recognizes your efforts.

My grandmother may be in her seventies but I am proud she doesn?t allow her drooping chest or upended breasts to determine her importance and relevance to society. Even at that age, she owns several farms and brings meaning to the lives of others through employment. Yes she doesn?t destroy society, she adds positively to society.

Let us all learn these lessons very early in life especially my sisters, you have more to offer than your body and looks which is bound to display the appearance like that of my granny fifty years down the line. This is depreciation 101 and there is nothing wrong with that. Do not buy that junk you always see on the screens, it is great you are beautiful but our bodies are more valuable than bikinis and semi nude pictures.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Let us therefore present our bodies as living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God. Let us manifest the glory of God in our bodies.

A Letter To My Unborn Six Year Old Daughter.

From my 6 Blue Desk, Achimota School.

By G. K. Sarpong ([email protected])

Author of Answers to Life?s Foundational Questions found on amazon, gumroad and google books


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