This is what they always say, yes we know right but sometimes it could be true, this is what the wife said as culled from News1Ghana,

Jean Chinwe Olumba, the newly wedded wife of Nollywood actor Chidi Mokeme, has said that she didn’t know her man was an actor when they first met.

The couple met at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ball in Maryland, USA in 2008 and have since been friends until they got married a couple of weeks ago.

“We didn’t start out like he asked me out. It happened honestly by chance and I still wonder how I got in (laughter).

I didn’t know he was a movie star when I met him at President Obama’s inauguration party in Maryland, USA.

I did not know he was this popular. Unfortunately, at that time, I didn’t watch Nigerian movies, so I didn’t know about him.

The only question I asked him that day was, you just walked in here and everybody in the room was saying hello, do you know all these people? And he said no. And I said, so, how come they know you? He said well, by virtue of what I do.

I said what is it that you do? He said Nollywood. And my next question was what that is? (laughs). He started laughing.

Everyone else in the room was laughing too, so I had to now go look at what is Nollywood.”

“All of this publicity, and the fans, his crown, his level of accomplishments in Nollywood, at first, I didn’t know.

I didn’t expect it. I saw it as a nuisance initially, but I guess with time I will get used to it,” she was quoted on

Asked how she intended to cope with women and fans trying to get a piece of her man, she said, “Well, you always have to give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and give to God what belongs to God.

I realized that with Chidi’s line of work, his fans are always going to be there. He will always have to have friends and fans.

And the Chidi that I met was simply Chidi. I didn’t meet GQ, the Nollywood actor (Laughter). So, that aspect of him is a new discovery.

The person that I met was simply Chidi. So, that’s the part of him that I will keep and I will let everyone else keep the GQ.

On whether I will relocate to Nigeria, I sincerely want to be with Chidi. Of course, we will both decide that. It’s not an overnight decision. We have to harmonise things.”

The couple has been enjoying a sizzling romance after he proposed to her last year.

From Mbieri, Imo State, she was 38 on Friday, April 27, 2012 while Chidi was 40, on March 17 2012.

She was born and bred in the United States of America, where she still lives with her parents and siblings.

Her dad, now retired, has relocated home while her mum would be shuttling between Nigeria and Obama’s land to attend to the family’s interests.

Chidi Mokeme’s wife has a doctorate in a specialized area of Medicine and a PhD in Pharmacy.

The fifth in a family of 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls), Jean is dark, tall and beautiful. She comes across as a simple and easygoing lady.

Source : News1Ghana


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