Ghanaian Hiplife Musician Barima Sidney says sometimes he feels sad when people tag him as a member of a particular political party.

?Sometimes it?s sad when they tag me, but I?ve realized it is a strategy they use, just to frustrate you on the course that you?re championing. Since I realized it?s a strategy, it doesn?t border me anymore.?

He emphasized that he?s focus and will continue to reach his goals.

?So far as it goes against the government of the day, they will tag you as being in-bed with the other party but all i do is to focus and work for mother Ghana. Ask yourself is the course your championing worth fighting for? If you do then some of these things will come on your way.?

Sidney in an interview with Freda Owusuaa-Bio on J life FM?s working rhythms (Midmorning show) disclosed that the motivations behind his political songs is the truth.

?Basically the motivation behind my songs is the truth, but they are hurt to hear the truth. I look at things going on in the society and then package them in my songs?.

Asked whether he will accept contract in composing songs for any political party, Barima Sidney said, ?why not? As a musician, I will take their lyrics and package a song for them, being political parties or an advertising song for companies.

If a political party wants me to do a song for them, I do not want my image to be affiliated to that political party, if not that I can compose a song exactly according to the lyrics they will give me but at the end of the day.

I don?t want to sing it myself, there are so many people I can package for them to sing. But if I have to sing as Barima Sidney, it depends and I don?t recall the last time I did such a thing.?

Barima Sidney planning to venture into active politics someday?

?Well to tell the truth, we are all politicians because day-in and day-out the decisions that we take at our various homes and workplaces are all politics, but to venture into partisan politics, the answer is NO.

Source: Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku


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