To those who think Ghanaian comic actor Lil Win is the ugliest in showbiz, ace comedian Bob Okala says Lil Win is nicer and more handsome than he is.

?Oh, the boy is not that ugly. I am uglier than him. If the two of us are going to con a lady, I am sure the woman will choose him over me,? Okala told Flex newspaper.

He also said when it comes to who is the best Twi comedian in Ghana, there is none who can be compared to him because he has paid his dues and still performs better than the new ones.

He mentioned names like Lilwin, Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu, Mr Beautiful as comedians who are really trying their best but thinks none of them can even stand him, when it comes to stage or screen acting.

?I buy the Kumasi movies a lot, especially Agya Koo?s movies and I think he?s really doing very well but you can?t compare him to me, because in the world of comedy we have grades. He has good grades but I am on a high grade, so there is no need to compare the two of us. I mean none of them is better than me,? he whispered.

Advising the Kumasi movie actors, he asked them to stop discriminating against each other, and motivate each other to do a good job, so as to help the movie industry get to its peak, like other movie industries in the world.

According to him, he had received a lot of comments from movie producers that the Kumasi based movie fans wanted to see him in the Twi movies, but anytime the Kumasi movie producers tried to employ him, especially in movies that will pair him with Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu and Lil Win, the actors will tell the producers to neglect him.

When asked if he had an idea about why the Kumasi actors don?t want him to be paired with them in a movie, he said that ?I have no idea, because I don?t have any problem with any of them but rather I think they fear I might take over the market since I do better than them, so they try to sabotage me, which I think is also not a good thing for the industry. Producers like Samuel Nyamekye and other Kumasi based producers have revealed this to me privately before?, he said.

Source -Flex Newspaper


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