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Abimbola ?Bim? Fernandez

Since it was published on the web, the New York Post story on Nigerian heiress Abimbola ?Bim? Fernandez has been racking up major hits. The article by Gregory E. Miller titled ?Meet the Nigerian heiress who wants to be the next Rihanna? is the official debut of the daughter of ?Nigerian gemstone tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez, who Bim says is worth a staggering $8.7 billion.? Born in France in 1988, Bim was educated in the UK and the USA.

You can read the complete article via the New York Post HERE. See excerpts below.

At Home with Bim
Bim welcomes the Post into her swanky Manhattan home, ?Relaxing in the corner of her couch, she delivers a running commentary on her apartment?s notable d?cor ? besides the Picasso, there?s an original Dr. Seuss painting her mother gave her as a child, a family picture with Kofi Annan and a photo with Nelson Mandela, whom she called ?Uncle Mandela,? having known him since she was a kid.?

Fernandez Family with Icon Nelson Mandela

Fernandez Family with Icon Nelson Mandela

Education & Music
Fernandez first got interested in music at age 4 ? her parents made her perform violin for them in the music room every Sunday. She picked up guitar at age 13 at boarding school. She left Oxford Brookes University after one month because in her words ?Everyone was way too snobby ? I couldn?t do it,? Fernandez says of her unhappy few weeks there.

Her Late Mom inspired her to pursue a music career
It was after Bim?s mother, Aduke, died last year that Bim finally decided to pursue her dream of stardom and step up her game as a tribute to her mom.

Music & Reality Show
She sealed a deal with SMH Records in November, and a reality-TV pilot titled ?Gold Blooded? about her life is in final negotiations for pickup by a major network, according to her label?s co-owner, Michael A. Smith. The iTunes release of ?Let?s Take It Naked,? a flute-infused, bubble-gum dance-floor jam, is expected soon.

Bim and her Dad - Antonio Deinde Fernandez

Bim and her Dad ? Antonio Deinde Fernandez

Her Dad?s Thoughts on Her Career Choice
It?s little surprise, then, that Fernandez?s father is not vetting any of this ? he?s always encouraged his family to be highly private, don?t-talk-to-the press kind of people.
?He?s terrified because I?m his baby ? especially with [me] revealing [my] wealth, and me being alone in the country, he?s terrified of someone kidnapping me and holding me for ransom,? she says. ?He also just doesn?t want people taking advantage of me because I have been very sheltered my whole life.?

Very interesting. Check out Photos Below.

BIM in her livingroom with Dr. Seuss print and jewelry

BIM in her livingroom with Dr. Seuss print and jewelry

BIM's dog Napoleon

BIM?s dog Napoleon

BIM in her livingroom with Dr. Seuss print and her dog Napoleon

BIM in her livingroom with Dr. Seuss print and her dog Napoleon

Photo Credit: Rene Cervantes / New York Post | Fernandez Archive/ culled from bellanaija.com


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