Benjamin Kpodo, Member of Parliament elect for Ho Central, on Tuesday expressed appreciation to people in the Constituency for electing him to represent them in Parliament. He said he was particularly happy that the people bought into his message of ?winning all the votes,? and gave President John Dramani Mahama 62,363 votes representing 90.95 per cent of the valid votes cast.

Speaking at a press conference Mr Kpodo said with 62,363 votes, Ho Central Constituency gave the second highest votes to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) apart from Ketu-South, which recorded 81,880 votes for the party.

He commended the Electoral Commission, observers, chiefs and the media for ensuring the success of the elections.

Mr Kpodo urged supporters of the NDC to be moderate in celebrating the electoral victory for peace to prevail in the country.

Presidential results for the Constituency are as follows;-NDC;62363,Great Consolidated People?s Party;70,New Patriotic Party;5148,Progressive People?s Party (PPP);150,United Front Party;20,People?s National Convention;20,Convention People?s Party (CPP);111 and Independent,28.

The rejected ballots were 659 whilst the total votes cast were 67910.

The Parliamentary results are: Benjamin Kpodo NDC; 60129,Archibald Letsa NPP;6758, Hugh Adzomani PPP;312,,Beauty Kwampah CPP;452, Godisgood Amegashie Independent;280,rejected ballots;494, and total votes cast, 68425.



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