By Edmund Akoto Danso

My brothers and sisters, the general election of Ghana is approaching and I?m still for peace. I really need it more than anyone else ? I need it to see my beloved team Fabulous Kumasi Asante Kotoko shine in Africa once again in 2013 ? I need it to see my beloved sweetheart tell me I do in 2013- ? I need it to improve my beloved head of more knowledge in 2013 ? but most importantly I need it to see all my family and friends alive and continue sharing fun with them.


Sometimes I wonder how Ghana will be in the four years ahead – when you hear politicians calling Men of God names because they are wading into the political discourse. On the other side, you also hear Men of God calling a politician as speaking under the influence of alcohol. I wonder how a mosquito can get drunk. Interesting! ?When you hear these sound bites, then I guess you know what time is it.

As for me, I call tress by their fruits even though I know not all trees bear fruits. When you talk on issues on facebook, it’s called ‘comment’…when you do same on twitter, it?s called ‘tweet’ but when you do similar thing on a political rally ground it can be called ‘terrorism or genocide’. Because of this, people have decided not to comment, tweet or make any statement on what is happening in Ghana now. ?Are you also going to sit down and believe that there will always be peace in Ghana? Infant, Kenya was peaceful like Ghana before the sad incidence in 2009, and as you are aware, the cause of the havoc was misunderstanding during and after election.

The silence is not healthy – we can?t use the death of a prominent person to promote peace but have it faded out because he is forgotten so soon. That is why we need prominent statesmen especially men on God to speak out. ?The only thing I will pray for is for them to know how to alter their words.


Should Men of God be silent because they didn?t speak some years back? In fact I don’t remember the creation of the 30 constituencies during ex. Pres. Kuffour?s regime (I think I was very young by the time), but that shouldn’t prevent me from speaking on the creation of the 45 constituencies during Pres. Mahama?s regime. I know the current leadership of Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) wasn’t the same team during the creations of the 30 constituencies (that is if even the old leadership didn’t speak on it), so there isn’t much point to say that PCG speaks only during certain political regimes.

I?m here for peace so won’t deliberate much on the issue of the LI 78 for the creation of the 45 new constituencies, but will only support the views of reconsidering the financial and temporal issues against the LI. I pray our judicially will diligently and with much urgency prosecute the issues brought before them with regards to the LI so we can see the way forward.?The earlier the better!! If Parliament is planning to sit on weekends to see to the passage of the LI, then I pray they put in some extra strength to help us all.

?m truly for peace and I believe you are, but we need to pray for mother Ghana. Stakes are high this time round so?don?t sit on the fence praying alone. Act, share and tell someone about how important we all need peace now, December and years ahead. After this you can tell all to?VOTE FOR PEACE BECAUSE I?M FOR PEACE.



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