Dr Andre Kwasi Kumah of the Eden Family Clinic has described hyper-sexuality as dangerous and called for a total discouraged in society.

He said the behaviour associated with high urge for sex has the tendency to destroy marriages, families and jobs if urgent precautions are not taken to curb it.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Supper Morning Show Tuesday, he however pointed out that hyper-sexuality is a medical condition. He explained that the ailment also known as sex addiction is a condition where one experiences an intense sexual feelings or fantasies for sexual activity without control.

He said it becomes more dangerous when the situation begins to affect a victim’s marriage, family or work and could even lead him or her to contracting STDs.

Some theories and scientific suggestions have it that the brain contains chemicals that affect the mood of every person, he noted, explaining that when the hormones in a person increase, it could lead to this condition. In addition, he said other studies suggest connections in the neutron of the brain that are improperly located can also tilt people to that angle.

Speaking on the hyper-sexuality in connection with high libido, Dr. Andre Kumah said though the two have high demand for sex, people who are sexually addicted have multiple sexual partners while people with high libido may not necessarily have multiple partners.

Though sex addiction is prone to both men and women, in Africa, men are the most affected with the high sex drive.

When the male hormones (which are hereditary) become high in the male system, it increase their libido leading them into addiction, he noted.

He said moodiness in people may also contribute to exhibition of the condition, adding, alcohol and drug addicts are likely to be addicted to sex not forgetting rape victims among others.

He however advised that people with such condition should contact a mental health specialist for attention and advice.


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