(Photograph by: Thevarupan Uthayakumar of 「Tamil Union」in Sweden)
(Photograph by: Thevarupan Uthayakumar of 「Tamil Union」in Sweden)

The conference was held to discuss Practical Ways to Protect Human Rights’ and was held at the ‘Best Western Kom Hotel’ in Stockholm Sweden, on January 16th, 2016.

(Photograph by: Thevarupan Uthayakumar of 「Tamil Union」in Sweden)
(Photograph by: Thevarupan Uthayakumar of 「Tamil Union」in Sweden)

The about 40 participants of this forum are from diverse sectors in Swedish society. They include Göran Lambertz, the judge from the supreme court of Sweden, and a representative from Nordic Committee for Human Rights – For the Protection of Human Rights in the Nordic countries (NKMR/NCHR), also many different religious leaders varying from: Hinduism, Islamic, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Scientology. Leaders from different women’s groups and Youth groups joined in as well.

The forum was set up by watching a short highlight video of HWPL’s 「2014 WARP (World Alliance of Religions’ Peace) Summit」, which was held on September 2014 and accomplished signing the agreement to propose ‘Enactment of International Law for the Cessation of War and World Peace’ and ‘the Alliance of Religion’. It was followed by the presentation about the role of legal professionals, religious leaders, and press for the practical solution of human rights protection.

After the presentation, all participants watched the short highlight video of the 「2015 First Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit」which presented the practical first draft of the International Convention on the Renunciation and Cessation of War and International Armed Conflicts. The host addressed “Human rights cannot be ensured in the world with wars and armed conflicts, and the value of human rights can become deserved only when our lives are protected in the peaceful world”, and appealed the participants to cooperate with the Chairman Man Hee Lee and HWPL to achieve peace.

Subsequently, Göran Lambertz (A Judge from Supreme Court of Sweden) is appointed as a HWPL Peace Advisory Council at the Appointment Ceremony and all of the participants from different sectors decided to cooperate with HWPL by signing on the agreement of Implementation of International Convention and Alliance of Religions. Ove Svidén, a founder and president of World Peace Foundation expressed, “I was so impressed by the peace movements transcending culture, religion, and politics and I hope to join to the next forum”.

Besides this peace forum, Mr. Man Hee Lee, the Chairman of HWPL and Ms. Nam Hee Kim, the Chairwoman of IWPG (International Women’s Peace Group) are leading all of the peace movements of HWPL such as WARP Summit and WARP Office. They have traveled abroad 23 times for last 2 years to appeal the importance of cessation of war and achievement of world peace. Especially, they visited the conflict areas in Israel-Palestine and had a meeting with the heads of states and professionals of international law to discuss ‘Implementation of International Convention on the Renunciation and Cessation of war and International Armed Conflicts’, which has taken the eyes of universal community.


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