Ms. Gifty Reynolds-Hansen, In-charge of the antenatal unit of the Kwesimintsin Hospital, on Thursday urged husbands to attend pregnancy school with their pregnant wives to enable them acquire knowledge and skills to help in emergency situations.

She said the pregnancy school had been instituted by the Ghana Health Service to enable expectant women and their care givers to be given adequate knowledge on pregnancy related issues and the need to be very supportive to women in that stage.

Ms. Reynolds-Hansen told the GNA at the Hospital that often men, who are immediate helpers to these women particularly during emergencies, often failed to attend the school to be schooled on danger signs among others.

She added that the school was also used as a platform to do couple counseling on HIV and AIDs, blood type and other health concerns that may be raised by the couple adding, ?We usually attend promptly to men who come with their spouse?.

She added that the school had come to stay and appealed to expectant couples to make good use of the school.



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